Mission Statement

The purpose of the David Westphall Veterans Foundation is to honor U.S. military members and veterans. The Foundation does this by supporting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire and the adjacent Angel Fire State Veterans Cemetery. The Foundation honors the sacrifices veterans have made for their country, and educates Americans about the responsibilities of citizenship and the high costs of freedom.

Vision Statement
The Foundation seeks to increase public awareness of the Memorial and the Cemetery, and expand their roles in American society. A guiding principle of the Foundation is military service must be honored and respected because the preservation of freedom depends upon the convictions, courage, and heroism U.S. military service members.

War memorials are a dynamic force in society, showing the impact war has on the nation. The most tragic consequences of war are loss of life, and the maiming of body and spirit. A memorial which powerfully shows these consequences contributes to the pursuit of world peace. Supporting the Memorial, including its museum, also helps fulfill the Foundation’s purpose by providing a place for reflection, healing, sharing of experiences, and education.

The honor America’s veterans deserve does not end with death, which is why the Angel Fire State Veterans Cemetery is so important. The Foundation believes there is a synergy and a shared purpose between the Memorial and the Cemetery. The Cemetery provides a final resting place which honors veterans in perpetuity and provides a tranquil, beautiful site where their survivors and visitors can remember them.

Means of Support
The Foundation achieves its purpose by promoting the Memorial and the Cemetery, by providing financial support as needed, and by operating activities and events related to them. The Foundation has responsibility for a collection Vietnam War KIA/MIA photographs and for the annual memorial walkway bricklaying ceremony in conjunction with Run for the Wall. The Foundation maintains a website and a Facebook page which help achieve its goals.

[April 22, 2021]