“Ghosts of 1968”


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by Raul A. Delgado. Forty-two years have passed since his tour in Vietnam ended. His Marine Squadron was celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. There have been numerous reunions he could have attended but somehow or for some reason he always opted out. Abandoned by his President, betrayed and poisoned by his government. His innocense shrouded by the blood of those that he had killed and those he could not help. Sent home to a country that was too splintered and broken to welcome him back. His life became a mess. He was accepted to Medical School but didn't attend. Had a multi-milliion dollar business but pissed it away. Drank heavily, chased women, spent large amounts of money, used his friends, wasn't really close to anyone, didn't like himself, had a huge anger management problem and often suicidal thoughts. "Ghosts of Nineteen Sixty-Eight" is the story of the Vietnam Wars most horrific year as seen through the eyes of a young Marine, forty-two years later.

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